LHC Halts Zaman Park Clashes, Police Await Dawn

After the police failed to arrest the PTI chairman today, Punjab Rangers went to the former PM's home in Zaman Park to obey court orders.

ARHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) told police on Wednesday to stop working in Lahore’s amid Zaman Park clashes until tomorrow morning. This was because law enforcement had been trying to arrest Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan for nearly 24 hours but hadn’t been able to do so.

Before the LHC told them to, the police had already started leaving the PTI leader’s home because the Pakistan Super League playoffs have moved to the capital of Punjab.

“Police won’t move on Khan’s house until the ongoing Pakistan Super League (PSL) 8 cricket match is over,” sources said police officials said. Shortly after that, police and other security officials were seen leaving Zaman Park.

After the police left, the head of the PTI came out of his house wearing a mask and met the workers, as seen in a video posted on the PTI’s official account.

After the police failed to arrest the PTI chairman earlier today, a large group of Punjab Rangers went to the former prime minister’s home in Zaman Park to carry out court orders.

Geo News says that the police and park rangers went to Zaman Park, where the PTI leader lives. The change happened after police used tear gas to get rid of the PTI workers.

54 police officers, 8 civilians injured

On the other hand, hospital sources told that at least 54 police officers and eight civilians have been hurt in the fights that started yesterday and are still going on.

Overnight, there were many fights between PTI supporters and police, but he stayed in his Zaman Park home and refused to be arrested. In the meantime, the police also arrested people from the PTI.

Throughout the night, angry crowds threw rocks at police and fired tear gas at Khan’s PTI supporters as they fought fierce battles near Khan’s home.

On Tuesday, a large group of police surrounded the area to carry out court orders. However, an angry crowd made it impossible for the police to arrest the group’s leader.

Police disarmed, claims minister

Marriyum Aurangzeb, who is in charge of information, said that the police at Zaman Park are “unarmed” and that the PTI leader wants a civil war in the country.

The minister said that the government had nothing to do with the arrest of Imran Khan.

She reminded everyone that when the PTI leader was in charge, he put all of his political opponents in jail. She also said that Imran Khan was making it seem like the government was behind his arrest.

“Court issued an arrest warrant,” the minister said, adding that the PTI leader was hiding behind women and children.

The minister said, “This person is a convict, and the court has asked him to come in.”

IHC will decide whether or not to suspend the warrant later.
Khan asked the Islamabad High Court (IHC) to stop the arrest warrant in the Toshakhana case. The IHC is still thinking about its decision.

After hearing both sides of the urgent plea, IHC Chief Justice Amir Farooq put off making a decision.

Khan’s Laywer

When the hearing started again, Khan’s lawyer, Khawaja Haris, told the judge that they were going to fight the decision made by a district and sessions court in Islamabad on March 13. He also said that the IHC had stopped the trial court’s arrest warrant before.

He also said that the court had told the head of the PTI to show up on March 13, but he was not able to do so.

Justice Farood asked, “Where was he that day?”

The lawyer said he was at home and added that they had told the trial court that the complaint could not be upheld.

“It’s not about putting out another warrant. “The court told him to show up on March 13 or the warrant would be issued again,” the IHC CJ told the court.

Haris then told the judge that the complaint was wrongly filed because the officer who did it didn’t have permission to do so.

Haris said, “According to the law, Election Commission can file a complaint.” He also said that the complaint can be filed by the election commissioner or any other officer.

“In this case, legal requirements were not met. “In this case, the process of getting a warrant is also invalid,” the lawyer said.

IHC CJ said, “It was still important to show up in court.”

The lawyer then told the court that what was happening in Lahore was bad, and that Imran Khan was willing to make a promise and come to court at the next hearing.

“It is very important to treat the courts with respect and honour. “We think it’s very important that the law is the same for everyone,” said the IHC CJ. He also asked what picture was being shown of Pakistan.

“We used to hear that this happened in tribal areas. What are we trying to show the rest of the world by not following the law? the IHC CJ said.

Haris asked, “But where will they keep Imran Khan for four days?”

In the meantime, the advocate general of Islamabad told the court that Haris won’t be charged if the head of the PTI doesn’t show up in court on March 18. He also asked him if he would stop being a lawyer if his client didn’t show up on March 18.

“This is the first time he’s made a promise for someone,” the government lawyer said. He also said that the petitioner should get the help, and that his behaviour was clear to everyone.

The additional attorney general spoke up at this point and said, “A similar promise was made before. Even back then, the high court lifted the warrant, but he did not show up. He also said that the court order had to be carried out.

“Is what’s going on in Lahore right?” asked the judge.

Khan’s lawyer told him that it was wrong.

Then, Justice Farooq said that members of a political party were attacking the police, which he called an attack on the state.

“Police officers are doing their jobs for the state,” the IHC CJ said. He also wanted to know if anyone in the UK could touch a police officer’s uniform.

The judge then put off making a decision.

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