Aima Baig Sues Media Outlet For Defamation

Pakistani singer Aima Baig has sued a media platform and has served a legal notice after it dug up an old interview of hers to falsely report that she had a crush on her brother.

Baig took to Instagram to share the notice and called out the “shameless yellow journalism” and the “fake reporting” that was only done for the sake of comments and likes. In the notice, the digital media outlet was accused of “purposely lying to the public with the culpable malicious intention to defame” Baig.

The notice also stated that the outlet “attributed an untrue, false, and scandalous statement” to Baig and “spread the fake news” that she had a crush on her elder brother.

Baig’s legal team made it clear that a clear and impartial listening of the old interview would reveal that Baig never made such a statement which was attributed to her.

They also accused the media outlet of misusing the content of her interview and deliberately distorting it to tarnish her reputation and fame.

The defamation suit demanded Rs100 million in damages from the publication and an unconditional and written apology within 48 hours of receiving the notice.

The apology, as stated in the suit, should also be published on all their social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, with the untrue news report deleted as well.

Baig’s move to take legal action against the media outlet has received support from her fans and industry colleagues who have also urged others to take a stand against “fake reporting”.

The incident highlights the growing concern of fake news and sensationalism in the media industry and the impact it can have on the reputation and mental health of individuals.

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