Zaman Park: Agreement Reached between Police, PTI

LAHORE: Following PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s departure for the Toshakhana case hearing in the capital, Punjab Police reportedly entered his Zaman Park residence on Saturday and arrested more than 20 party workers. The police alleged that the workers had resorted to violence to obstruct the course of justice.

This follows recent clashes between police and PTI supporters outside the former prime minister’s home in Lahore, which left several injured.

This morning, the police launched an operation at Imran Khan’s residence to clear the area of ‘security camps’ set up by the party.

Prior to entering, the police made an announcement calling for the dispersal of those present in accordance with Section 144. Using an excavator to break down the main gate, police entered the eight-canal house and arrested a number of PTI workers. They also claimed to have been fired upon and targeted with Molotov cocktails and petrol bombs from inside the residence.

The search of Imran Khan’s residence was authorized by an anti-terror court and was conducted in the presence of a female police officer of at least Inspector rank, as per Section 47 Cr.P.C. During the search, the police found materials used to produce Molotov cocktails.

Imran Khan criticized the police action, stating that they had attacked his home in Zaman Park where his wife Bushra Begum was alone. He also questioned the legality of the police’s actions.

Khan maintained that this was a part of the “London Plan,” which involved making a deal to bring absconder Nawaz Sharif to power in exchange for agreeing to one appointment. Additionally, action is being taken against those involved in violent activities, and the removal of “no-go areas” is underway, according to Punjab Information Minister Amir Mir.

An agreement has been reached between the police and the PTI, which has been submitted to the Lahore High Court. The agreement outlines the terms and conditions related to rallies, the security of the PTI chief, and legal matters. The PTI has designated Senator Shibli Faraz and former state minister Ali Muhammad Khan as focal persons, while SSP Imran Kishwar will serve as the police’s representative for communication.

Furthermore, the PTI has agreed to cooperate with the police regarding arrest and search warrants and investigations into clashes that occurred on March 14 and 15. The PTI has rescheduled its public gathering from Sunday to Monday and will request permission from the administration five days prior. Finally, the government will implement guidelines for the PTI chief’s security, and the party will submit a request for security to the relevant authorities

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