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Saudi Passport Fees in 2023 for Renew

Cost of obtaining a Saudi Arabian passport is an important consideration for individuals planning international travel.

Passports are the most important requirement for international travel.The fees associated with obtaining a Saudi Arabian passport are of the uttermost importance for those planning international travel.

Saudi Arabia passport costs 2023

If you are a Saudi citizen who intends to register for a new or renewed passport in 2023, you may be interested in the associated fees.

Due to the online services offered by the General Directorate of Passports through the Absher platform, acquiring or renewing a passport is now a straightforward procedure.

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New passport pricing

The fees associated with procuring a Saudi Arabian passport in 2023 are as follows:

The cost for a passport with a five-year validity is SAR 300, while the fee for a passport with a ten-year validity is SAR 600.

Renewal expenses for passports

The renewal fee is applicable to both fresh applications and renewals. Prior to submitting an application, these non-refundable fees must be paid online through the Absher platform.

The renewal fees for passports processed through Saudi Arabia‘s embassies abroad may range from SAR 100 to SAR 500, depending on the location.

When planning for a passport renewal, it is essential to factor in these expenditures. For specific fee information, individuals are advised to contact the respective embassy in their country.

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