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Drama Series ‘Tere Bin’ Receives Warning from PEMRA

  • The Controversial Drama Series ‘Tere Bin’ Receives Warning from PEMRA Amidst Marital Rape Debate

In a recent turn of events, the highly popular television drama series ‘Tere Bin’ has found itself at the center of a fresh controversy. The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has joined the growing list of critics expressing concern over the show. Starring Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi in lead roles, the series ignited a social media uproar following an episode that subtly hinted at marital rape between the characters Murtasim [Wahaj] and Meerab [Yumna].

Following intense backlash, the specific episode underwent certain modifications, including “Whatsapp Quality” voiceovers. However, despite these edits, the impactful visuals remained intact, catching the attention of PEMRA, which has now issued an official warning against the show.

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Within two days of the controversial episode airing on Geo Entertainment channel, PEMRA released a press statement via their official Twitter account, cautioning the creators of ‘Tere Bin’ against broadcasting “inappropriate” content that violates the organization’s regulations. The press release emphasized the violation in Episode 47 of the TV serial and highlighted the conflict with PEMRA’s guidelines established in 2015.

PEMRA Asked Remove or Conceal the Objectionable Content

PEMRA urgently asked producers to promptly remove or conceal the objectionable content and ensure that no future episodes include similar material. Additionally, the statement warned of severe consequences should the creators disregard any other regulations in the future.

PEMRA’s response to the issue generated mixed reactions on social media. Some have criticized the timing of the warning. They deem it “a little too late,”. While others acknowledged the power of social media activism. People have praised those who voiced their concerns against the negative depiction of marital rape, influencing the show’s storyline.

Directed by Siraj ul Haq, ‘Tere Bin’ boasts an exceptionally talented ensemble cast. The actors include Bushra Ansari, Sabeena Farooq, Sohail Sameer, and Hira Soomro in crucial roles. As the drama series continues to be embroiled in controversy. The actions taken by the show’s creators and PEMRA to address the contentious subject matter.

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