Rubina Ashraf Evaluates Yumna Zaidi’s Performance in ‘Tere Bin’

Rubina Ashraf, a renowned actor, recently shared her opinion on Yumna Zaidi’s performance in the TV series ‘Tere Bin’ during a local channel interview. Ashraf candidly expressed her views on Zaidi’s alleged lack of control over her character, which, in her opinion, failed to make a lasting impression. However, Ashraf acknowledged that the limitations might stem from the script rather than Zaidi herself.

During the interview, Ashraf remarked, ‘As an actor, Zaidi doesn’t impress me much because she seems to be going from one place to another, merely reciting what’s written. It’s not her fault, but it gives the impression of a confused character.’

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When the host questioned Zaidi’s ability to shape her character in ‘Tere Bin’, Ashraf responded, ‘We can change it. I mentioned this before, perhaps you didn’t catch it. An actor, especially one with 15 years of experience, has the leeway to rectify minor aspects.’ She further cited examples of male actors like Imran Ashraf and Wahaj Ali, who take charge of the script. ‘I’m sure Murtasim [Ali] is doing it with his character, but [Zaidi] isn’t doing the same.’

Remarks Ignited a Debate

While Ashraf’s remarks ignited a debate in the industry and among fans, it is important to analyze the dynamics of requesting script changes, especially for women actors. In an entertainment industry where patriarchal norms often persist, female actors may encounter challenges when demanding alterations to their characters or scripts.

Historically, women in the industry have faced limitations and constraints in exercising creative control over their roles. Factors such as power dynamics, the influence of production teams, and societal expectations contribute to the perceived difficulty for women in advocating for script changes.

However, it is worth noting that the industry is evolving, with more female actors and creators asserting their agency and advocating for their artistic vision. A recently surfaced interview with Mawra Hocane showcased how the actor pushed for changes in ‘Qissa Meherbano Ka,’ resulting in a shift in the narrative following a particularly intense scene involving marital rape.”

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