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Quetta International Airport Inaugural Landing on Upgraded Runway

Quetta: On Wednesday, the first flight successfully touched down the newly upgraded main runway (13L/31R), a significant milestone for Quetta International Airport. The flight, PK 325 from Islamabad, officially completed the extensive runway enhancement project. The Airport Manager, Project Director, and their dedicated teams were present to witness the successful landing.

The pilots of PK 325 were effusive in their praise for the newly upgraded runway, describing the landing as smooth and beautiful. They also appreciated the Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPPI) lights, which aided their visual guidance during the landing. In addition, the pilots congratulated the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) teams for their commendable work in completing the project.

The upgraded main runway has been designed to accommodate aircraft up to ICAO code 4E. In addition, it has state-of-the-art technology, including an advanced Airfield Lighting System (ALS) for day and night operations. With these enhancements, Quetta International Airport has been officially certified for all-weather operations of wide-body aircraft, such as the Boeing 777 and equivalent models.

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The extensive runway upgrade project, with an estimated construction cost of Rs. 5 Billion, has been a remarkable endeavour. The completion of this project marks a significant step forward for Quetta International Airport, enabling it to handle larger aircraft and ensuring enhanced operational capabilities.

The successful landing on the upgraded runway at Quetta International Airport reflects the relentless commitment of the PCAA. The completion of this milestone signifies the airport’s readiness. It will serve as a vital transportation hub. It aims to meet passenger needs and ensure seamless connectivity to and from Quetta.

Quetta International Airport will provide safer and more efficient air travel, firmly establishing its position as a vital regional gateway.

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