Pakistan Army Dismisses 3 Officers, Following May 9 Riots

Disciplinary Proceedings Concluded Against Major Generals and Brigadiers, says DG ISPR

Islamabad: The Pakistan Army has taken decisive action against its officers following the May 9 riots, resulting in the dismissal of three officers, including a Lieutenant General. The Director General of the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), Maj-Gen Ahmad Sharif Chaudhry, revealed that disciplinary proceedings have also been completed against three major generals and seven brigadiers.

In a press conference held today, Maj-Gen Sharif described the events of May 9 as a premeditated conspiracy against Pakistan, orchestrated over several months. He denounced the riots as “extremely disappointing, condemnable, and a black chapter in the history of our country.”

The ISPR spokesperson emphasized that the Pakistan Army would neither forget nor forgive those responsible for the May 9 incidents. He stated that an investigation had confirmed the preplanning of the riots, including the creation of a conducive environment to incite and provoke people against the army.

Furthermore, Maj-Gen Sharif highlighted the dissemination of a false narrative on social media platforms, both within and outside the country. The authorities have gathered evidence to support these claims.

Video Montage Presentation

During the press conference, the major-general presented a video montage featuring testimonies from family members of the martyrs, evoking the grief and anger felt by the heirs of the fallen soldiers and veterans of the armed forces.

Maj-Gen Sharif underlined the unity and clarity of the decisions taken by the Pakistan Army, as demonstrated through press releases issued on May 15, May 25 (Martyrs Day), and June 7 (81st Formation Commanders’ Conference). He reassured the public that those responsible for the May 9 riots would face punishment in accordance with the Constitution of Pakistan and the law, regardless of their affiliations with any institution, political party, or individual.

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Regarding the accountability process, the military spokesperson confirmed that one three-star officer, a Lieutenant General, has been terminated from service. He emphasized that the military’s accountability process is carried out without discrimination, and inquiry commissions, headed by major-general rank officers, were established following the May 9 events.

“Three officers, including a lieutenant-general, have been fired, and disciplinary proceedings against other officers, including three major generals and seven brigadiers, have been completed,” Maj-Gen Sharif declared.

Responding to inquiries about the involvement of the military in the May 9 events, the spokesperson provided evidence, including CCTV footage, audio recordings, and statements from suspected individuals, indicating that army installations were targeted and attacked as part of a premeditated plan. He refuted the notion that the Pakistan Army had manufactured this narrative against itself, pointing out that over 200 military installations were attacked across the country within hours of the arrests made.

Intelligence-Based Operations

In addition, the ISPR spokesperson highlighted the security forces’ ongoing efforts in conducting major and minor intelligence-based operations against terrorists and their facilitators. He revealed that this year alone, 13,619 terrorists and their facilitators had been targeted, resulting in the arrest or elimination of 1,132 individuals.

As the accountability process continues, the spokesperson assured the public that all those involved in the May 9 incidents would be held accountable, regardless of their positions or affiliations. He disclosed that even the granddaughter of a retired four-star general and the son-in-law of another four-star general are currently in military custody.

The press conference concluded with the military spokesperson reaffirming the Pakistan Army’s commitment to self-accountability

and the due process of law. He cited the validation of military court proceedings by the International Court of Justice, emphasizing that the accused individuals had the right to appeal in the apex court.

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