SBP Launches Commemorative Rs. 75 Banknote

The new banknote will function as a legal tender, acceptable for all types of transactions across the country

In a tribute to its rich history and contributions to the nation’s economy, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has unveiled a new Rs. 75 banknote, marking the central bank’s 75th anniversary since its establishment. The commemorative banknote was revealed by Governor SBP, Jameel Ahmad, during an inaugural ceremony held on Tuesday.

The newly issued Rs. 75 banknote will soon be available for public circulation at all SBP BSC (Banking Services Corporation) offices and branches of commercial banks across the country. With its introduction, the SBP aims to honor its enduring legacy while providing the general public with a tangible symbol of national pride.

The freshly minted banknote, featuring intricate designs and state-of-the-art security features, represents a significant milestone in the history of the SBP. Its introduction serves as a reminder of the central bank’s unwavering commitment to ensuring financial stability and fostering economic growth throughout Pakistan’s history.

SBP, Rs 75 Banknote

Governor Jameel Ahmad expressed his pride in unveiling the new banknote, stating, “This commemorative Rs. 75 banknote is a testament to the SBP’s longstanding dedication to the prosperity of our nation. It symbolizes our rich heritage and the immense progress we have achieved over the past 75 years.”

The new banknote will function as a legal tender, acceptable for all types of transactions across the country. Its availability will facilitate daily financial activities, providing convenience and ease to individuals and businesses alike.

The SBP has always been at the forefront of monetary policy, regulation, and financial services in Pakistan. As the country’s central bank, it plays a pivotal role in maintaining stability in the financial sector and ensuring the smooth functioning of the economy. Over the years, the SBP has implemented various policies and initiatives to foster economic growth, enhance financial inclusion, and promote a secure and resilient banking system.

The introduction of the Rs. 75 banknote not only pays tribute to the past achievements of the SBP but also reflects its commitment to future progress. It serves as a reminder of the central bank’s ongoing efforts to adapt to evolving economic needs and technological advancements, while remaining steadfast in its core mission.

As the public eagerly awaits the availability of the new banknote, the SBP and commercial banks are working diligently to ensure a seamless distribution process. Soon, citizens across Pakistan will have the opportunity to own this special edition banknote and celebrate the remarkable journey of the State Bank of Pakistan over the past 75 years.

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