Pakistan Breaks 37-Year Drought, Wins Junior Squash Championship

In a historic triumph, Pakistan’s Hamza Khan secured victory over Egypt’s Mohamed Zakaria in the World Junior Squash Championship held in Melbourne. This remarkable win marked the end of Pakistan’s nearly four-decade-long trophy drought in the championship.

Hamza’s exceptional performance led Pakistan back to the world squash podium, as he emerged victorious with a 3-1 win against Zakaria. This achievement marked Pakistan’s first World Junior Squash title in 37 years, with the last Pakistani player to claim this prestigious trophy being Jansher Khan in 1986.

h2>Hamza Khan Wins World Junior Squash Championship

The final match between Hamza and Zakaria commenced with an exhilarating start, with two consecutive games ending in tiebreakers. However, Hamza displayed remarkable skill and determination, securing the following two games to clinch the 3-1 victory.

During the second game, Zakaria initially took the lead in a gripping 26-minute battle, ultimately winning with a score of 12-10. Despite being down 8-10, Hamza showcased resilience by denying Zakaria the game point twice and ultimately leveling the match with a 14-12 win.

The dynamics of the next two games were in stark contrast to the intensity witnessed in the initial stages. Hamza dominated the third game, securing a swift 11-3 victory in just 6 minutes. He continued his exceptional performance in the fourth game, ultimately winning with a score of 11-6.

Hamza’s qualification for the final of the World Junior Squash Championship was a testament to his skill and determination. In the semifinals, he faced a tough challenge from French player Melvil Scianimanico, who fought back from two games and match point down. However, Hamza showcased his resilience and emerged victorious in the decider, securing his place in the final.

Pakistan Breaks 37-Year Drought

Pakistan’s triumph in the World Junior Squash Championship not only highlights the exceptional talent of Hamza Khan but also signifies the resurgence of Pakistan in the international squash arena. This victory serves as a momentous occasion for Pakistan’s squash community and reinforces the country’s status as a force to be reckoned with in the sport.

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