UBG Secures Resounding Victory in FPCCI Elections for 2024-25 Term

Karachi: The United Business Group (UBG) and Businessmen Panel Progressive (BMP) emerged victorious in the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) elections for the term 2024-25, with a majority of their nominated candidates succeeding in various key positions.

Unofficial results, disclosed late Saturday night, revealed a sweeping success for UBG and BMP Progressive candidates who secured leading seats, including the positions of president and senior vice president.

Atif Ikram Sheikh, the UBG’s presidential candidate, unofficially clinched victory, triumphing over BMP’s Muhammad Ali. Simultaneously, Saquib Fayyaz, another UBG nominee, secured the senior vice president slot by defeating Abdul Ghani from BMP.

For the reserve seat of Women Chamber, UBG’s Qurat ul Ain emerged victorious, while Nasir Khan of BMP secured the Balochistan chamber seat. The UBG dominated in the election of vice presidents, with Asif Inam, Aman Paracha, Asif Sakhi, and Zaki Ejaz winning all four seats in the Association Class category.

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Representing Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Aun Ali Syed from BMP was elected as vice president, while Tariq Mehmood Jadoon from UBG secured the vice president seat from Small Traders. Zain Iftikhar, representing UBG, emerged victorious as the vice president from Punjab.

A closely contested race unfolded for the vice president seat from Sindh, with Abdul Muhamin Khan from UBG and Muhammad Yahya Memon from BMP. The result was withheld as both candidates received an equal number of votes, to be announced later.

The FPCCI elections showcased UBG’s dominance and the widespread support for its candidates, signifying a strategic shift in leadership within the business community for the upcoming term. The successful candidates are poised to contribute to the economic development and growth initiatives in Pakistan.

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