PM Imran Khan addresses the Ceremony in Islamabad

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that unless the life and property of a nation are protected, the nation cannot lead to progress.

Karachi: Addressing a passing parade at the Police Line Headquarters in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan congratulated the young policemen who had passed and said that he has come to give a message to the Pakistani police that as long as one The life and property of a nation is not protected, the nation cannot lead to development.

The PM paid tribute to the police officials, saying that the army protects the lives and property of Pakistan on the borders and the ones who protect the inside of the country are policemen.

They protect investors, businessmen, and citizens.

He said that we should learn from the history of the world that reveals, no nation could prosper without rule of law and the security of the people.

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He referred to the police saying that,  “its importance is vital to the society but I have to say with regret that the police in our society does not have such place.”

“Since there has been a history behind it.”

Imran Khan promised that In sha Allah he will talk to Hafeez Sheikh to increase the pay-scale of Islamabad police.”

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“I am a prime minister, not a king,” added he.

Imran khan attended the passing ceremony of 1200 police officers in Islamabad on 23 December.

He is the first-ever Premier of Pakistan to grace any police occasion.

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