IT minister meets 15-year-old talented boy who developed WhatsApp-like app

Karachi: Federal Minister of Information Technology (IT) Aminul Haque approached on Sunday with Nabeel Haidar, a Karachi student who created a WhatsApp-like mobile application.

The news was making rounds on social media about Nabil Haidar, 15, who tried to create a WhatsApp-style application.

Following social media news, Syed Aminul Haq announced immediate steps to encourage the young Pakistani talent.

Officials from the Software Export Board, the National Incubation Center and the Director of Tello Talk also attended the conference. IT Minister Aminul Haque declared that 15-year-old Nabeel Haidar will be trained at the National Incubation Center to further develop the talent he possesses.

Nabil Haider will be trained at the National Incubation Center under the Ministry. With technical training, the talent of Nabil Haidar will be strengthened.

“We’re going to provide him with a stipend and the requisite cooperation,” Aminul Haque said while visiting the student who made the WhatsApp-like application and his parent. He also said that “better training would allow Nabeel Haidar to become a professional software engineer.”

Apart from training, reasonable compensation and necessary assistance will be provided by Tello Talk.

“Nabil’s efforts are good. Proper training will make him the best software engineer, Aminul Haq. The Ministry of IT is doing its best to nurture local talent,” Syed Aminul Haq said.

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