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#PunjabWildlife: a “sedated lion Cub” used as a prop in a wedding, Netizens are outraged

Punjab: Animal rights advocates were in arms following a video of a pair using a “sedated lion cub” as a prop in their wedding pictures.

The photo was shared on the Instagram story of Studio Afzl—a Lahore-based photography studio that takes wedding pictures and covers weddings.

In the story, the couple can be seen putting their hands on the cub as the photographer took his shots. In another shot, the lion’s cub was held a little away from the pair while the photographer took the photos.

The #SherdiRani hashtag has been incorporated into the stories with the cub used as a prop to highlight the existence of the cub.

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This issue was first raised by JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter on the social media platform, Instagram.

Afterward, “Save the Wild” was shared on Twitter by an organization that is battling to “save Pakistan’s biodiversity from the threat of poaching, habitat destruction, and pesticides.”

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Save The Wild has also labeled the Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department, urging them to interfere and reuse the cub.

“Does the Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department allow a lion’s cub to be leased for ceremonies?

“Look at this sad cub sedated and used as a prop. This studio is situated in Lahore, where this cub is housed. Please save him, ” urged the account.

After this tweet, other users on Twitter begged the authorities to take action against the studio for maltreatment of the animal.

One consumer also requested the Azhar Mashwani Digital Media Focalperson of Punjab CM to participate and guide the authorities to save the cub.


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