Third wave of Coronavirus has begun, Asad Umar confirms

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister Asad Umar announced that the third wave of Covid-19 has begun in Pakistan and linked the increasing number of cases to the United Kingdom strain of the virus.

“Yes, there’s no question that the third wave has begun, and essentially, the phenomenon that drives it is the spread of the UK strain,” Umar said while speaking to a private news channel on Thursday night.

When he was asked if the third wave of the virus had begun to surge in the cases, Umar said that the increase was seen in cases in districts where a significant portion of Pakistan’s British population resides.

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“We then asked NIH to perform genome sequencing, which became evident in northern Pakistan, including Islamabad,” said Umar, who is also head of the Covid-19 nation nerve center.

Umar added that one point that was discovered earlier about the strain was that it was distributed comparatively quickly compared to the initial strain spread from Wuhan, China.

“Also, as per today’s study, the mortality rate of the strain is also high, posing a greater challenge.”

According to our figures, from March 2020 when the first accident occurred until the beginning of 2021, the fatality rate showed a clear, persistent rise in cases.

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“We also speculated at the time that the spread was attributed to the United Kingdom strain, and now testing has also proved that.”

“This is a very serious situation that is emerging as it is now and is occurring in other areas of the country, including Bangladesh.”

It was announced earlier today that Pakistan’s Covid count crossed the 600,000 marks with 2,701 fresh incidents. A total of 566,492 diseases are recovered, while the total number of deaths is 13,377.

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