Dog Bite Cases Increase in Hyderabad

Hyderabad witnesses an increase in the number of dog bite cases over the period of two months.

People of Hyderabad have been complaining about the increasing number of stray dogs in their area.

They claim that with increasing number of stray dogs, dog bites cases have also increased and they feel threatened.

Citizens remain indoors due to fear that they might get mauled by the stray dogs.

There is an air of fear and restlessness among the citizens of Hyderabad, Kotri and Jamshoro.

According to the figures collected from hospitals, more than 800 people, including women and children have suffered dog bites and admitted in hospitals.

Further the figures suggest that more than 2000 people have received rabies shot during the course of two months only.

On the other hand, Municipal authorities are saying that they are trying to control the situation but it is getting out of hands.

They claim that they have been culling dogs daily but the citizens refuse to believe as they see stray dogs on every corner of the street..

During the month of October, 15 cases of dog bites were reported every day.

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