Amazon Gets New Robot ‘Sparrow’

Amazon’s new robot ‘Sparrow’ is the hype as it balances between humans and machines in the company

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce company on the planet with a huge human workforce. But Amazon always finds a balance between humans and machine automation.

Recently, Amazon added a new robot to its e-commerce business known as ‘Sparrow.’

Sparrow has the ability to pick out items and piled them in bins or shelves. It sounds like a fairly easy task but for robots, it is difficult because the sorting materials are all of different shapes, sizes, and textures.

With machine learning algorithms, custom grippers, and cameras, Sparrow is able to perform piling and shelving functions smoothly without any human reliability.

Amazon is trying the Sparrow robot in its warehouse in Texas where it is already sorting the products for customers.

Moreover, the creator of Sparrow suggests that it can handle more than 65% of the inventory items out of 100 million items.


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