Croatia’s First Robotic Restaurant Gets Attention

BOTS & POTS Sci-Food, a bistro in Zagreb, Croatia, claims to be the only restaurant in the world where robots prepare ready-to-eat one-pot meals entirely on their own, with no human involvement beyond loading the fresh ingredients.

The robotic chef, known as GammaChef, has been “taught” how to cook various meals digitally by the head chef and can prepare approximately 70 different one-pot meals.

The robotic cookers add oil and seasoning based on digital recipes created by a human chef.

The restaurant took seven years to bring the idea to reality, with its owners investing over a million euros in the process.

The robotic chef not only speeds up the cooking process, but it also helps save money, especially at a time when there are staff shortages.

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According to co-owner Hrvoje Bujas, a single person can run a restaurant with five robots, and the ultimate goal is to create a space where customers can order, receive, and pay for food without any human contact.

Customers have praised the quality of the food produced by the robot chef. One customer, Lovro Petar Andrisek, said that the food was top-quality and that his plate was completely clean after eating.

The robotic chef can produce four meals in just 15 minutes, with each of the five cookers able to produce nearly 100 meals in an hour.

Bujas stated that if one of the robots was for sale, it would cost 10,000 euros. The restaurant is considering expanding their business model through franchising.

Overall, BOTS&POTS Sci-Food is a unique and innovative restaurant that combines technology and food, making it possible for robots to cook and prepare meals from fresh ingredients.

The restaurant’s success could lead to the widespread adoption of similar models in the future.

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