Future Apple Watches may feature cameras

The tech giant Apple has filed a patent (US-11571048-B1) for an Apple Watch strap that could contain a camera.

According to Patently Apple, an Apple-focused blog that brings in the latest news about any new patents filed by Apple, the patented watch strap mechanism will allow Apple to include a built-in camera in their watches.

The strap is described as having two segments and a nest section, allowing users to easily detach the watch from the strap and use it separately when capturing an image.

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Apple has included several figures in the patent, depicting the design functionality of the watch strap, including one where the Apple Watch is detached from the strap and being used separately.

This is not the first time that Apple has gone forward with a camera-related patent design for the Apple Watch.

Over the years, the company has filed several patents for the Apple Watch, such as a rotatable camera strap in 2019 and even a patent for an Apple Watch with a camera in its digital crown. Although these patents are promising, there is a high probability that this new patented design might never be implemented, only time can tell.

Apple is known for bringing innovative designs and features to their watches, as seen in the differences between the Apple Watch Series 7 and 8 in terms of design, functionality, and features.

The idea of an Apple Watch with a built-in camera is certainly exciting, but for now, it remains just that – an idea.

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