Clash between Law Enforcement and PTI Workers

Lahore: Clash between Law Enforcement and PTI Workers ensued on Tuesday when a large group of police reached Zaman Park to arrest former prime minister Imran Khan in the Toshakana case, which is the only case in which his arrest warrants are not suspended.

In response to this, the head of the PTI told his workers to keep fighting for the “rule of law” and to make sure they keep fighting no matter what.

Since yesterday, a group of police from Islamabad has been in Lahore to follow a court’s order to arrest the PTI chairman, who is wanted for a number of crimes in different cities.

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Even though they are being careful, the police are using water cannons to move the party workers out of the way as they try to arrest Khan. They are about 90 metres from Khan’s home.

The police are in Zaman Park because the court told them to be there. On Monday, a district and sessions court in Islamabad reinstated the non-bailable arrest warrant for the former prime minister in the Toshakhana case.

Khan has been missing for a long time, so the local court issued a non-bailable arrest warrant for him last week. The IHC stopped the warrant and told Khan to go to the lower court on March 13, but he still didn’t show up.

This is the second time in less than 10 days that the police have come to Zaman Park to catch the former prime minister.

Workers for the party started throwing stones, which hurt a police officer in the face. In the meantime, the police have also taken PTI workers into custody.

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“Let’s start by putting him in jail,” said DIG Operations Islamabad Shahzad Bukhari is in charge of the police team that is surrounding Khan’s home in a wealthy part of the city.

The police official told the media, “We’ve come to follow the warrant. We know the facts of the case, but we can’t talk about it.”

A journalist asked the official, “Where will you take Imran Khan after you arrest him?”

DIG Bukhari replied, “Let’s arrest him first, and then we’ll tell the press.”

Prepared to look for a “possible way out”
Shah Mahmood Qureshi, the Vice Chairman of the PTI, said that the leadership is ready to find a “possible way out” to stop the fighting between PTI workers and the police.

During a press conference at Zaman Park, the PTI vice chairman asked the police not to “worsen the situation” and instead talk to the party’s leaders.

“Show me the court order. First, I’ll read it and try to understand it. The senior PTI leader told the police, “Then I’ll talk to Imran Khan and my lawyers.”

The PTI leader said that the police action was unfair because it was a response to yesterday’s rally. He also said that Khan has a protective bail from the court.

Qureshi said, “An arrest can’t be made” if a person has a protective bail. The leader of the PTI also asked the government if they wanted to delay the elections.

In response to the police action, he said that the officers went to Zaman Park with the plan to “shed blood.”

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The leader of the PTI said to the authorities, “Talk to us, and maybe we’ll hand ourselves over on our own.”

He said that the police went to the Khan’s house and that the government wants to hurt him.

PTI Leader Says

Farrukh Habib, a leader of the PTI, said that he is going to talk to the police. He said that Khan should not do this because it is “dangerous.”

He said that they will tell the police that these warrants are being challenged in court.

“I don’t think police should do anything extreme. We don’t want to put Imran Khan in any situation that could endanger his life.”

Habib said that the judge in the judge-threat case had stopped arrest warrants, and that the warrants for which the police are here will also be stopped.

Later, PTI Senior Vice President Fawad Chaudhry said in a tweet that the leaders of the party had gone to the IHC to protest the arrest warrants in the Toshakhana case.

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