Quake rocks Pakistan; Damages Unknown Yet

A powerful earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale hit parts of Pakistan on Tuesday, sending tremors through many cities and towns for at least 30 seconds. The quake’s epicentre was located in Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush region, while its depth was recorded at 180 kilometres by the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD).

The earthquake was felt in various parts of the country, including Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Peshawar, Kohat, Lakki Marwat, Swabi, Lodhran, DG Khan, Bahawalpur, Skardu, Toba Tek Singh, Parachinar, Nowshera, and Khanewal. The impact of the tremors was so strong that people were seen rushing out of their houses and offices in a state of panic.

The authorities were quick to respond to the situation, and emergency services were immediately dispatched to the affected areas to provide assistance to the affected people. The buildings and structures in the region were inspected to assess any damage caused by the earthquake, and citizens were provided with food, water, and medical aid where necessary.

Despite the severity of the earthquake, there have been no reports of significant damage or casualties as yet. The concerned authorities are still monitoring the situation to ensure that people in the affected areas remain safe and secure.

The earthquake’s impact was not limited to the major cities of Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi, as tremors were also felt in several other regions of Pakistan, including Peshawar, Swabi, Lodhran, DG Khan, Bahawalpur, Skardu, Kohat, Toba Tek Singh, Parachinar, Nowshera, and Khanewal.

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In response to the disaster, the authorities in all affected cities have mobilized emergency teams to assess the damage caused by the earthquake. They are visiting the areas to inspect buildings, infrastructure, and other critical installations to ensure that they are safe and secure. Furthermore, the authorities are taking measures to facilitate citizens affected by the earthquake by providing them with essential supplies and medical assistance.

Following the strong tremors that were felt in various parts of the country, the Federal Minister for Health, Abdul Qadir Patel, issued an emergency alert at both the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) and Federal Government Polyclinic.

In his statement, the Minister emphasized the need for hospitals to take advanced measures to deal with any emergency situation that may arise as a result of the earthquake. This would ensure that the hospitals are fully equipped to provide assistance to those who may have been affected by the tremors.

Additionally, it was reported that the moderate earthquake was followed by aftershocks measuring 3.7 magnitude with a depth of 156 kilometres. This information highlights the need for continued vigilance and preparedness on the part of the authorities, as well as the citizens, in the event of any further aftershocks or earthquakes in the region.

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