BJP Tapping into Muslim Hate Fashion, says Naseeruddin Shah

Renowned Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah raises concerns about the rise of hate against the Muslim community in India. In an interview with the Indian Express, Shah discusses the alarming prevalence of Islamophobia and its implications for a diverse nation like India.

Shah, known for his outspoken nature and criticism of the ruling government party, highlights the reflection of the current mood in films, portraying the grim reality of Islamophobia. He expresses worry about the acceptance of undisguised propaganda and its alignment with the prevailing sentiment.

The actor sheds light on the troubling trend of educated individuals succumbing to the allure of Muslim hating. The ruling party cleverly taps into by intertwining religion with political agendas. Shah questions the introduction of religion into various aspects of society, despite India’s commitment to secularism and democracy. He emphasizes the contradiction between the fashionable acceptance of Muslim hating and the principles of a pluralistic society.

Shah laments the inaction of the election commission, which remains silent as politicians exploit religion to gain votes. He emphasizes the potential consequences if a Muslim leader used religious phrases to solicit votes, contrasting it with the current situation.

BJP’s Religious Sentiment Strategy

Shah expresses hope for a future free from divisive religious politics. The actor criticizes the lack of assertiveness from India’s election commission.

Moreover, he highlighted the double standards and current government’s strategy for political gains.

He maintained that BJP’s strategy is to leverage religious sentiments.

Naseeruddin Shah’s critique of the Indian government is not new, as he has consistently spoken out on matters of national importance throughout his career. His open discussions about sensitive issues like religious polarization stimulate important conversations for progress and harmony within society.

Shah’s vocal stance underscores the significant role of artists and public figures in challenging the status quo and promoting inclusivity. His words encourage introspection and dialogue, aiming to foster a better understanding and acceptance of all religious communities in India.

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