Fans Express Disappointment with Drama Tere Bin

Writer is Receiving Criticism for the Wrong Portrayal of Love in Episode 49

Fans of the famous Pakistani drama Tere Bin are voicing their dissatisfaction with the recent events in the storyline. In the latest episode aired on Geo TV, viewers witnessed Meerab leaving Murtasim’s home following a forced or accidental consummation of their marriage. However, rather than returning to her parent’s house in Karachi, Meerab mysteriously disappeared to an unknown location. Episode 49 has further fueled the fans’ anger and disappointment.

Fans disagree with writer Nooran Makhdoom’s portrayal of the characters and their supposedly intense love for each other. Many viewers argue that Nooran lacks an understanding of real love, claiming that trust is a fundamental element that her characters Meerab and Murtasim lack. According to fans, the writer’s perception of love is flawed.

The fans are particularly critical of Murtasim’s dismissive attitude towards Meerab’s disappearance. They believe Murtasim should have made more effort to search for her at her parents’ and friends’ homes before jumping to conclusions. In addition, fans blame the writer squarely for continuously undermining the main characters’ credibility and for what they perceive as disjointed writing.

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Fans Criticized the Writer

However, fans on Twitter acknowledge the intense chemistry between actors Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali, which has somewhat salvaged the drama. They urge Nooran Makhdoom to better portray the characters’ emotions in alignment with their personality traits. One fan criticized the writer for assembling scenes from other successful dramas, emphasizing the need for original storytelling.

Furthermore, fans are questioning Murtasim’s genuine love for Meerab, as they observed him dropping hints to Haya about a potential future together. Such actions have raised doubts about Murtasim’s loyalty and trust in his wife.

The comments from disappointed fans highlight their discontent with the recent direction of Tere Bin and their desire for more authentic and consistent storytelling that aligns with the character’s emotions and motivations.

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