Ali Gul Pir mocks Cannoli owners in his recent video

The video is nothing but hilarious

Karachi: Earlier a video full of scorn and contempt started to make rounds on social media as Cannoli employers ridiculed their manager for not being able to speak English properly. A stand-up comedian, Ali Gul Pir, who is a rapper too, satirized the situation and reversed the roles.

In collaboration with British-Pakistani television journalist George Fulton, who is depicted as the employee at the receiving end of his employers’ mockery, the video was made.

In the video, featuring British-Pakistani television journalist, George Fulton plays the role of ‘manager’ at the receiving end of his owners’ mockery, whereas Pir acts the role of ‘Kaisa’ Diya along with Akbar Chaudhry, an aspiring stand-up comedian who plays the role of Uzma.

In a satirical video shared by comedian Ali Gul Pir, the two owners of Cafe Soul’s restaurant Cannoli in Islamabad, who were widely slammed for insulting their employee’s English proficiency, were put to shame.

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The trio adapted the scene from the original video turned it into a funny video aiming to pick on the two elitists. However, with a slight of a change as the “manager” has perfect English language skills yet the owners completely lack them.

In response to the original video that was published by the female owners of the Cannoli by Cafe Soul in Islamabad, an Urdu mushaira was arranged outside of the eatery as a protest for insulting a man. on the other hand soon after the video came out, the hashtag started trending #BoycottCannoli on Twitter. The owners received a great deal of backlash for humiliating the manager of their restaurant.

Afterward, Diya and Uzma, Cannoli owners had to publish an apology on their social media account for making Awais, the manager, an object of ridicule.

A statement released by the owners of Cannoli restaurant in response to the backlash
A statement released by the owners of Cannoli restaurant in response to the backlash

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