Medina enlisted as world’s healthiest cities, WHO

Karachi: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has ranked the holy city of Medina as one of the healthiest cities in the world on Monday.

Arab News reported The holy city, comprising of more than 2 million population, becomes the first city to be accredited under the organization’s ‘healthy cities’ program.

According to the publication, the city’s integrated program incorporated a strategic coalition between Taibah University to record government requirements on a digital platform for the organization’s review.

After a visiting WHO team, it earned recognition for complying with the global standards needed to be enlisted in the list of healthiest cities in the world.

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A total of 22 government, community, charity, and volunteer agencies helped prepare for the WHO accreditation, read the publication.

“A healthy city is one that is constantly developing and strengthening the social and physical environment for its inhabitants, according to the World Health Organization.”

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It also works to extend certain community resources that allow individuals to assist each other mutually in carrying out all life’s functions and growing to their full potential.

The accreditation requirements included the fulfillment of the priorities set by the Medina Region Strategy Project and the launch of the “Humanising Cities” initiative.

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