Apple cautions: iPhone 12 can affect the “pacemaker” in the heart

Karachi: Apple has warned that iPhone 12 series phones could potentially lead to electromagnetic interference in medical devices such as pacemakers.

This warning was issued last week by Apple while updating the support document of the iPhone 12 series.

Apple insisted that the MagSafe accessories do contain radio signals and that their magnetic and electromagnetic fields are likely to cause a risk to those who have medical contraptions placed within their bodies such as ‘pacemaker’ and ‘defibrillators’.

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The company said medical devices should be at least 6 inches away from the iPhone and MagSafe accessories, or 12 inches on wireless charging.

The company informed the users that the iPhone 12 series has more magnets than other Apple smartphones, but keeping medical devices away from devices poses no risk.

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In an article published, Heart Rhythm Journal, in early January, three American doctors detected the connection between an iPhone 12 and a cardiovascular defibrillator installed in a patient. Doctors observed that as the iPhone 12 was placed next to the chest of a patient with an embedded cardiac defibrillator, the unit was “immediate suspension”.

If kept in the breast pocket of someone fitted with a pacemaker, this makes the iPhone 12 especially risky as it has the potential to mess with the electronic device. This is why it is advised not to place the phone nearby and keep the smartphone device at a safe distance.

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