Protesting Farmers hoist their flag over Red Fort in Delhi, One farmer killed in a clash

On the Republic Day of India, the farmers managed to reach the Red Fort of Delhi. Protesting farmers deprived of their basic rights in India have been protesting for days against controversial agricultural laws and holding sit-ins on the borders of the capital Delhi.

The deprived-farmers had recently announced to hold a tractor rally in Delhi and gather at the Red Fort.

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However, the Indian police, after a clash with innocent farmers, fired tear gas to scatter them.

Farmers, angered by anti-peasant laws, have camped outside New Delhi for virtually 2 months.

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According to reports, barricades were set up at various places to prevent the farmers ‘tractor rallies and a heavy contingent of police was deployed. Nonetheless, the peasants’ rallies entered Delhi, the police rallies broke down on the orders of the Modi government.

One farmer has been killed in a clash with police by the Modi-led government in the capital, while angry-peasants’ leaders have claimed that the farmer was shot dead by police, identified as Nonit.

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On the other hand, despite the brutal police violence, the farmers managed to reach the Red Fort of Delhi and the farmers waved the flag of Khalistan movement on the Red Fort.

Farmers are protesting by placing the body of a farmer who was shot dead by police while internet service has been shut down in Delhi.

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