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Analysis: Why ‘Pawri’ Girl’s video went viral?

By this time now, millions of people know who the “Pawri Horahi Hai” girl is. The girl who made the two-minute-long video garnered everyone’s attention through social media, so much so that even Indian Youtube content creator, Yashraj Mukhate, made the song on it.

Before this Pakistani girl’s video, Yashraj Mukhate transformed an Indian drama’s short scene into a hilarious rap song, Rasode Me Kon Tha, as he played with its dialogues, which also went viral.

This time around he did his magic with a spontaneous short-video clip shared by Dananeer Mobeen, a Pakistani influencer.

Is ACCA Topper’s achievement overshadowed by the Pawri girl video?

Celebrities from all over the world recreated the video.

Here is a famous singer from Akcent Band.

Pakistani Politician, Sharmila Faruqi.

Even in India, Virat Kohli.

Bilal Saeed engages in a fight, video went viral

The Pakistani cricketers.

The singer, Ali Zafar.

Even Pakistani Heart-throb, Mahira Khan recreated and shared the video on her Instagram account.

But isn’t this mind-boggling why she got so much fame that she got so much recognition over such a video?

Considering the fact, that the video has no famous people, no lengthy Shakespearean dialogues, neither does it have a story to tell – It just became insanely popular!

The video contains only three spontaneous sentences along the lines of, “Yeh Humari car hai, Aur Yeh Hum Hai, Aue ye Humari Pawri ho Rahi hai”.

Abdul Qavi no more “Mufti”

First of all, the video went viral because of the girl’s way of saying the dialogues.

This clip became the talk of the town as the girl’s accent is quite unusual and as a matter of fact, quite artificial.

Pakistan and India have a long history of colonization, yet after so many years, people of both countries haven’t been able to get rid of those standards. The obsession with English and the British accent still prevails in these societies.

However, mimicking the British accent is now considered a little bizarre, and those who have it, face ridicule.

Ertugrul visits shrines in Pakistan

Suffice to say that Pawri girl’s video’s fame wasn’t due to the fact that she said something revolutionizing rather her failure to imitate, Received Pronunciation, RP accent [received pronunciation: the standard form of British English pronunciation, widely accepted as a standard elsewhere].

The girl in the video instead of saying “Party” said “Pawri” which was quite unacceptable and people did start poking fun at the clip.

However, this video is a true depiction of how rapidly the perspective changes when it gets so much attention from across the globe. People forget her artificial accent and lauded her for coming up with something as spontaneous and catchy as that.


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