Reon’s solar power program meets with success

Karachi: Reon Energy Limited today declared the execution of its 3.73 MW captive solar power program for the G&T Group in Karachi and Baluchistan. The Solar Photovoltaic Plant is the largest two-sided PV roof across Pakistan.

The 3.73 MW Photovoltaic Project will produce up to 6,152 MWh (Megawatt hours) annually.

The project is distributed around four sites, such as Gatron at Center, Mustaqim Dyeing and Printing at SITE, and Nooriabad and Novatex at Landhi.

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The generated electricity will be utilized on minimizing gas consumption and eliminating about 3780 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions during plant life.

Bi-facial solar modules added to G&T, which can capture sunlight from both front and back, have greatly increased electricity generation by up to 10%.

Amid execution, the project maintained full conformity with the COVID-19 protocols. A total of 80 local jobs were produced during the execution.

K-Electric to meet the growing demand for electricity

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