Harry and Meghan: celebrities react to the criticism

Oprah Winfrey’s talk with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was on Sunday night to deliver two of the most exciting, eye-opening, shocking, and empowering hours of television this year.

The silenced couple finally had the room to say their reality, and they did so in an attempt to correct the misleading myth that had been committed around them for years. Plus, we really enjoyed seeing Oprah on TV.

There was no lack of surprising revelations in the unprecedented interview with Harry and Meghan, with the pair correcting many news reports intended to undermine their credibility.

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From Meghan making Kate emotional days before her marriage to Harry (it was Meghan who was genuinely crying), to the pair blinding the queen with their decision to resign as senior full-time members of the royal family (her majesty had known for months), Oprah’s safe room encouraged the couple to talk frankly in a way that was not possible when within the firm.

Meghan and Harry have shared how atrocious things were behind closed doors, including interactions about their future children’s skin color, a total lack of mental health services for Meghan after she discovered that she was considering suicide, denying any royal status to Archie, and removing safety details for the family.

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After the interview on Sunday, #Meghan and #AbolishTheMonarchy continued to circulate on Twitter. Many expressed their love for Harry and Meghan, congratulated Oprah, and pointed out that no one should be surprised that an organization with a legacy of colonization and slavery still has racial values.

Celebrities after the infamous and unprecedented interview with Oprah came forward to defend their Royal friends.

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Serena Williams, Meghan’s close friend defended Markle on Twitter. After that many other prominent names like and were joined by several other notable names, including Maria Shriver, Bernice King, Meena Harris, Nina Parker, Michael Moore, Sarah Silverman, Billie Jean King, Amanda Gorman, and Gabrielle Union. shared their two cents on the backlash.

A foreign website, WonderWall, shared what famous people like Hillary Clinton have to say about all the turmoil.

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