PVTC plans to improve youth’s digital skills

Lahore: The Punjab Vocational Training Council and Extreme Commerce, on Tuesday, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in order to provide the young generation a set of skills in Punjab.

Sunny Ali, the Founder and Chief Executive officer of Extreme Commerce told, “This is a landmark achievement by the Government of Punjab, where it has realized the digital transformation potential and has offered digital skills-sets to its citizens to enhance their knowledge and entrepreneurial aspirations”.

This step will also open the doors for opportunities on a global level.

Shahnawaz Badar, Chairman speaking occasion, Punjab Vocational Training Council explained, “We have the vision to cement PVTC as a leading organization that provides professional vocational training to all the needy youth wherever they are in Punjab”.

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He added, “We aim to achieve this by exceeding students’ expectations, rewarding its employees, and providing suitable opportunities for all the students to start earning a reasonable livelihood”.

Given the latest trends based on market demands via Training Need Assessment (TNA) after administering demographics survey at tehsil level, PVTC has formulated a curricula for 65 numerous trades to look after the heightening demands of industrial, agriculture, health and service sectors. Apart from their regular vocational study & practical work, Life Skills and Social Entrepreneurship courses are compulsory for each trainee.

Extreme Commerce’s Video Boot Camp (VBC) will provide the training that is aimed at boosting the culture of entrepreneurship and E-Commerce.

Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC) was established in 1998 on the basis of a Public-Private Partnership by the Government of Punjab.

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Extreme Commerce is a platform that also provides VBC learning in which more than 100 digital skills are offered to individuals. Through this platform, opportunities are given too.

The training of these trades will be imparted through PVTC’s 210 Vocational Training Institutes (VTIs) established in vacant/underutilized Government buildings throughout Punjab with an annual training capacity of 60,000. PVTC maintains a healthy gender balance with a female to male ratio of 49:51 and is striving to enhance it further. So far, approximately 840,269 trainees have successfully graduated from PVTC, out of which about 82% have been gainfully employed or are working as entrepreneurs.

The partnership between Extreme Commerce and PVTC will be imparting knowledge skills on how to sell online platforms including Daraz, eBay, Alibaba and, Amazon platforms more efficiently with maximum customer satisfaction and potential to grow.

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The agreement would make it easier for sellers to further develop their company and enhance their online expertise, including the establishment of new companies, the development of shops, product branding, and promotion. Extreme Commerce’s Video Boot Camp (VBC) is a compilation of 100+ e-commerce and digital money-making skills for global digital commerce.

Technology enthusiasts will build and run new companies through this MOU. The PVTC training recipients would also learn from the rich information resources available on the VBC platform. The collaboration will be a catalyst for Pakistan’s digital export market to cross-trade in Rs. 100 billion eCommerce in 2021.

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