Karachi to Hit by Water Shortage After Electricity Breakdown

On Monday morning, a power outage hit major cities in Pakistani including Karachi and Lahore for more than 27 hours because of frequency variation in the national grid system.

However, Energy Minister suggests that most of the power has been restored and will be restored quickly due to the efforts of the government and technical employees.

But a new problem awaits the citizens of Karachi because, after the power outage, there is a chance of water shortage in the city of lights.

Due to the electricity shutdown, the main source of water supply in Karachi, the Dhabeji pumping station was shut down completely which dried up all the water.

The Karachi Water and Sewage Board (KSWB) suggests that water pipelines have completely dried up because due to prolonged power suspension in installation.

KWSB Chief Executive Officer Syed Salahuddin Ahmed revealed that power outage caused the pipelines to burst which stopped the water supply. However, teams are working efficiently to restore the pumping station. He also mentioned that K-Electric restored electricity to Dhabeji pumping station but for only 45 minutes.

He further mentioned that now electricity has been restores, water supply will take almost 3 days to be fully functional again.

He said that the pipeline was damaged some four kilometres from the Dhabeji Pumping Station and a vast area was submerged, which was obstructing the repair works.

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