Kashmir Solidarity Day: PM Vows to voice for the due rights of Kashmiris

Karachi: While addressing a public gather in Kotli, Prime Minister Imran Khan has promised to voice for Kashmiris until “they get freedom.”

His remarks came during a public address in Kotli.

PM said that “I wish to remind the United Nations that you have not fulfilled your duty, did not live up to your promise”.

He vowed to Kashmiris that Pakistan will grant them — both the people of Azad Kashmir and occupied Kashmir — independence they seek.

The premier further assured that not only does the entire Pakistan nation stand with the brave Kashmiris, but the entire Muslim nation.

“Even if for whatever reason some Muslim country is not (outwardly) supporting you, I guarantee that the entire Muslim world stands with you.” oppressed

He also said that those who believe in justice, even non-Muslim countries, want to see the oppressed Kashmiris get their due right in accordance with the United Nations charter.

“I also wish to give this message to the people of occupied Kashmir, we are aware of the acts of oppression and tyranny being carried out against you.

Moreover, PM said that “Parents are told their son has been disappeared or they hear that he is a martyr. Being a father, I wish to say, we all know what you must be going through, the kind of pain you are going through, the tyrants you are facing, and how you are standing strong”.

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