Famous Pakistani Naat Khwan Saeed Hashmi passes away

Karachi: A Pakistani well-known Naat Khawan, Saeed Hashmi, embraced death on Wednesday after a prolonged ailment in Karachi.

The announcement regarding the time of his funeral and place would come later.

The Religious Naat Khawan was suffering from kidney disease, according to the deceased family. After his condition worsened, he was admitted to the hospital where he was being given intensive care.

But, unfortunately, doctors could not save the veteran Naat reciter.

Al Haaj Saeed Hashmi was a famous Naat Khawan notorious for his distinct voice especially for reciting the famous Karalm “Lamyaati Naziro” written by Ala Hazrat Ahmed Raza Barelvi.

His beautiful voice ruled over the hearts filled with the love of Prophet Mohammad (ﷺ).



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