‘Oreo’ Company Decided To Remove Ads from Twitter

The biscuit ‘Oreo’ makers have decided to pull off their ads from Twitter because of increase in hate speech.

Mondelez, the famous corporation that makes biscuits and chocolates, have decided to take a decision related to twitter.

They are extremely popular for making chocolates like Cadbury and Milka. They also make Oreo biscuits which is a favourite all over the world.

The corporation has decided to remove their ads from Twitter platform after the Tesla owner Elon Musk bought the social media platform.

The CEO of the Mondelez International corporation,, Dirk Van De Put recently in an interview said, “what we’ve seen recently since the change on Twitter has been announced, is the amount of hate speech increase significantly,”

He further added, “We felt there is a risk our advertising would appear next to the wrong messages.”

He elaborated that after Elon Musk took over Twitter, there has been an immense amount of hate speech that is circulating on the platform and they don’t want their advertisement message being mixed up in that.

He said, “As a consequence, we have decided to take a pause and a break until that risk is as low as possible,”

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