Rana Sanaullah Warns PTI of Security Issues

Pakistan interior minister Rana Sanaullah shares his concerns over security issues before Tehreek e Insaaf’s long march

Interior minister Rana Sanaullah held a press conference in which he shared his concerns regarding the long march of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI).

He said that PTI should consider postponing the long march because of security issues. He added, “all the intelligence agencies have put a red alert for the long march in the city”.

He further mentioned that if a political party puts the capital in danger, then it is the government’s constitutional responsibility to stop its advances at all costs.

Regarding Imran Khan, Rana Sanaullah mentioned that he suffered through an attack just recently in which he got injured in the leg, still, there are threats to his life.

He urged Imran Khan to consider taking a step back from the long march because there are factors that put risk on his life.

Moreover, he elaborated his stance, saying that Al Qaeda agents will willingly do this job of hurting Imran Khan. Also, the intelligence agencies have warned regarding the threats towards Imran Khan.

Further, he added that there are people who are always looking for factors that can cause anarchy and conflict within the nation. They might take advantage of these fragile conditions and cause havoc.

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