Suspended Journalists’ Accounts Back on Twitter

Elon Musk restored all the journalist’s accounts that were suspended some days ago on Twitter after this decision faced a lot of backlashes.

A few days ago, Twitter suspended the accounts of journalists from CNN, The Washington Post, and New York Times, etc. After suspending the accounts, media personalities and the masses took to twitter to speak up against this decision.

Elon Musk maintained that he took this decision because these journalists shared the real-time location of his activities and a stalker stalked his daughter because of this information.

However, the media stated that Elon Musk always talks about freedom of speech and yet he takes decisions that go against the freedom of speech.

United Nation also condemned this suspension of accounts. European Union also condemned this decision and threatened Elon Musk with sanctions on his company if he doesn’t take his decision back.

Therefore, today Elon Musk announced that the suspended accounts of the journalists will be restored. He stated, “The people have spoken. Accounts who doxxed my location will have their suspension lifted now.”

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