Nauman Ijaz’s Amusing Response to Nepotism Debate

Nepotism is a long-standing debate and a reality that is present in every industry. The Indian film industry, Bollywood has witnessed a rage against nepotism from the audience as they call out big stars on helping their kids bag the best roles for them while other struggling good actors suffer and do not get a decent chance.

Pakistani film and drama industry also deals with nepotism. Recently, Pakistan veteran actor,  Nauman Ijaz shared a picture on his Instagram account of his fellow actors with their actor-sons. Moreover, he captioned the picture as, ‘MashaAllah, this is what you call Nepotism.’

The picture included Pakistani legendary actors and their sons; Javed Sheikh and Shahzad Sheikh, Bahroze Sabzwari and Shahroze Sabzwari, and Nauman Ijaz with his son Zaviyar Ijaz. All the celebrities were dressed in green Kurta Shalwar with shiny waistcoats for a wedding event.

Nauman Ijaz further captioned, “now go on all of you,” saying to the people he knew will come after him for supporting nepotism.

Most of the comments on the post suggested that Nauman should not gloat and take pride in nepotism because actors’ sons get all the benefits while other actors have to suffer much more just to get a B-grade project.

The Raqeeb Se actor, Nauman Ijaz replied, “Yes dear, it is what it is. This is what has been happening and it will keep happening.”
It is a never-ending debate and people take different opinions on this matter. Other comments supported his stance saying that every parent provides for their children, it is nothing new.


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